CIAK BOMBER electric cutter

-dizájn és minőség-biztonságos anyagrögzítés-felsőmaró
dizájn és minőség
biztonságos anyagrögzítés
-dizájn és minőség-biztonságos anyagrögzítés-felsőmaró
dizájn és minőség
biztonságos anyagrögzítés

CIAK Bomber is the first horizontal cutting machine with an electric tool. It cuts in one stroke and with no effort 5mm Acryl or 10mm Forex. It is the most effective horizontal cutting machine, none of the manual cutters can achieve this cutting performance.

There are 4 different sizes available: 155, 205, 255, and 305 cm, with electronic milling heads.

A milling tool is not included.

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Optional accessories, upgrade

Bomber was designed to cut the following hard rigid materials:

  • Plexiglass, acryl: 5 mm
  • Dibond: 5 mm
  • Forex: 10 mm
  • PVC: 5 mm

(To cut thicker plexiglass or other rigid materials we advise to use the Gladium vertical cutters with the Rebel circular saws.)

Dibond cut to size

The Bomber is the cheapest, most economical solution if you want to cut Dibond sheet in high quality.

Do you want to cut Dibond? Here are the possibilities.

Cutting length
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Cutting thickness
10 mm
Article No.
42 kg/pc
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What's in the box?

electric horizontal multimaterial cutter

CIAK Bomber horizontal electric milling cutter

The Bomber system consists of:

A cutting bar F fitting for suction
B workbench G adjustable feet
C side lifters H material fixing
D trolley I machine plate (S/N)
E electric tool J squaring pins

Optional accessories

1 back square with a metric line 4 front extensions (for large sheets)
2 suction tube holder structure 5 trolley extension
3 sliding front ruler


Milling tool is not included.
Don't forget to put the right one for your job in the cart!

Optional accessories, upgrade

Diferite accesorii oferă versatilitatea reală a mașinilor de tăiat.

Optional accessories for Bomber

Consumables for Bomber


The CIAK system composes a network of modular solutions for manual or electric horizontal cutting.
The bomber is upgradeable with CIAK Professional and/or Power trolley. CIAK Professional and Power owners can also develop their manual cutters to an electric Bomber machine.

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Bomber is the No.1 horizontal cutter in the world with electric milling-cutting head.




Huge sheets

Use the trolley extension rod for very large boards.

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