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You can only benefit from a professional device. Gielle's products resemble a racing car - top quality, modern technology and elegant Italian design. Universal cutting machines: horizontal or vertical, variants with a manual cutter or with a motorized circular saw. This allows you to cut many different materials, but the versatility only comes into its own thanks to the wide range of accessories and exclusive extras. The more options the cutting machine has to offer, the more varied work you can do. Paper, cardboard, PVC, acrylic, foam board, aluminium bond, glass, mirrors, MDF, etc. - cutting is no longer a problem. You can now easily, quickly and precisely cut arches, panelling and panels. The cutting machines CIAK and GLADIUM are available in this web store.

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rozsdamentes sheffieldi acél pengeLarge format paper cutter, material trimmer, glass cutter, tabletop or vertical cutter, substrate cutter, board cutting machine - multimaterial, universal, versatile work tools.
The first GLADIUM vertical cutter has been designed by Italian engineers and frameworkers in 2008. By adding a REBEL electric circular saw, it becomes the only machine worldwide that works as a traditional manual knife cutter as well as a motorized saw. You can cut 2 m long boards with GLADIUM MaXXI. GLADIUM UNIVERSAL cuts up to 20 mm thick panels in a stroke only.
Digit sells from 2016 two precision wide-format cutter bars representing the revolutionary new concept of Gielle company: CIAK PROFESSIONAL & CIAK POWER horizontal trimmers. Both manual desktop multi-material cutter is the most powerful in its category. Just one example: CIAK Power cuts up to 20 mm thick sheets in a single stroke. CIAK BOMBER - introduced in 2020 - is the first horizontal cutting device of the world with electric cutting head. 

What are these machines good for?

Our machines offer you the chance to cut faster and better. For paper, cardboard, mounting board, greyboard, re-board, crilex, acryl, foamboard, PVC, laminate, Dibond, alubond, alucobond, aluminum, MDF, polycarbonate, glass, mirror, etc.

To whom do we recommend these machines?

For creative people. It's a useful solution for every signmaker, framer, flexographic printer, packaging converter, copy center, design studio, plate cutting workshop.

What do you want to cut?

Write us your needs - we help to choose the right cutting machine!

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