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Opportunities for further development

21/04/2022 16:28
Opportunities for further development

The horizontal tabletop cutters (CIAK Professional, Power and Bomber) are modularly complementary to each other. Try it!

Those who already have a manual CIAK cutting machine - either Power or Professional - can also use the included cutting ruler and cutting head for the electric Bomber cutting machine. This means that they are equipped not only for a cutting machine with a cutting knife, but also for a more powerful milling motor, which means that they can be used in a wide range of cuts from forex or acryl to cardboard or glass, even for difficult-to-cut materials.

Similarly, those who first purchased an electric Bomber may add cutting heads that make it suitable for cutting paper or glass, more fragile materials in general, or for cutting materials that could otherwise be melted or destroyed by a Bomber milling head.

For example, with the purchase of the Professional cutting head and the optional Magic box kit you can create a personalized box for your daily shipments. With the purchase of the Power cutting head, you can cut light materials up to 20 mm.

What new is, that the workbench, which has so far only been sold as an accessory of Bomber, is now also available for Ciak Professional and Power cutting rulers in a length of 155-355 cm.

Get informed about further development opportunities!

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