HOLDON Midi Metal clip-on eyelet [10 pcs]

HOLDON Midi Metal clip-on eyelet [10 pcs]

Patented and reusable Holdon® MIDI METAL instant clip-on eyelet. It is usable for thicker materials and stronger banners.

Full humidity resistance!
The longest lifetime, the most durable HOLDON clips.
The special feature is that it is made of metal replacement plastic, which does not absorb any moisture at all (that will weaken most plastics in time if heavily exposed).

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Nylon is known to be tough, resistant to UV, and very tenacious, especially after exposure to moisture - so much so that pure nylon can become too soft in humid conditions.
HOLDON® clips are much more resistant since they are of a Nylon 6 fiber compound. In most cases, softening can actually be beneficial to a product, making it less brittle. But in heavy-duty humid outdoor applications, it can be a disadvantage, somewhat weakening the product over time.

HOLDON Midi Metal clip ensures extreme humidity resistance thanks to metal replacement plastic compound.

Improved moisture resistance

Stays unaffected by moisture are not further softened by humidity over time and therefore more stable.
A product perfect for application fields with ultimate demands on product moisture resistance:
choose HOLDON Midi Black Metal!

The patented and reusable Holdon® MIDI instant clip-on eyelet and tarp clip are ideal for securing all types of textiles, fabrics, substrates, polythene, and other sheet products, hemmed or non-hemmed up to 5 mm thickness. It is ideal for customizing shelters, emergency repairs to covers, shade sails, and cloths, backdrops adding new fixing points/guy lines, and securing tarpaulins.

The heavier the load - the tighter the grip

A high quality, innovative, precision-made Swedish wedge-lock-based fixing, grip tested to 100kg* for commercial use and retail distribution, and the easy alternative to traditional eyelets/grommets! Holdon® clips are based on the unbeatable 'wedge' principle, hence 'the heavier the load the greater the grip' and the MIDI comes with a quick-release feature that makes it easy to remove, relocate and reuse again. Its performance and appearance make it perfect for heavy-duty outdoor (and indoor) applications within camping/caravanning, automotive, boating, construction/scaffolding, general DIY, gardening and agro culture, stage and scenery building, event display and so much more.

Article No.
250 g/pack


  • Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 18.5 mm (LxBxH)
  • Weight: 20 g
  • Max thickness of fabric: 5 mm
  • Temperature range: - 30ºC to +100ºC
  • Melting temperature: +220ºC
  • Colours: white, black, grey, blue, green
  • Load capacity:
    100 kg (tested on hemmed tarp with string)
    75 kg (tested on folded tarp)

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